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Dylan Hicks - Introduction

"Poughkeepsie" is Hicks' second CD for No Alternative Records, and represents a departure from his past work. Recorded in five separate studios, including Hicks' no-frills 8-track reel-to-reel home studio set-up, the highly textured record is diverse but cohesive.

"I didn't want it to sound lo-fi, and I didn't want it to sound slick," says Hicks, "I just wanted it to sound cool."

About half of "Poughkeepsie" finds Hicks playing keyboards and guitar with sundry guest players, both human and mechanical. Drum machines and melodic samples are beautifully integrated with Hicks' pop-folk songs and distinctive vocal style.

The other half of the record, done with Hick's regular band, is a rare kind of roots rock that's heavy on irreverence and light on clichÈ. You'll hear elements of synth pop, hip hop, country, garage rock, and pure pop on "Poughkeepsie", but the strong lyrical voice brings the record together.

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Dylan Hicks - MEET THE PRESS

"99% of contemporary guitar pop completely misses the mark, those bands with good aim stand out in a crowd... Poughkeepsie is a quirky, memorable cross between Paul Westerberg and Steve Wynn"
-- Fred Mills, Magnet

"[Hicks has] ever-maturing songwriting skills and oodles of pop-star prowess going for him"
-- Twin Cities Reader

"**** (out of four). Poughkeepsie is one of those faves-change-every-hour propositions that grows more lovable with every listen... Timeless"
-- Jim Walsh, St. Paul Pioneer Press

"So many great songs here, it's hard to know where to start. I can't recommend this highly enough"
-- Pat Dull, Moo

"Dylan Hicks1 second CD, Poughkeepsie, is filled with satire, send-ups, and clever samplings: Songs like `Waterbed about a Deadhead`, and `Bad Boyfriend` with its Beck-like perceptions, epitomize Hicks' songwriting chops... A natural showman with a cute, catchy voice"
-- Seattle Weekly

"God, this is GREAT... Hicks has more personality and charisma than a thousand other singer/songwriters"
-- Babysue Music Review

"Dylan Hicks is that rare smart-ass pop songwriter who1s as clever as he thinks he is. Hicks makes fun of himself and the world with an intelligence that's both friendly and incisive"
-- Nashville Scene

Artful pop songwriter... Modesty and clarity are two of Dylan Hicks' main assets as a songwriter. Wit is another"
-- Anastasia Pantsios, The Cleveland Free Times

"Put this guy on a bill with Whiskeytown, Magnetic Fields, or Ben Folds Five, and he1s likely to impress"
-- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

"Hicks is the kind of off-the-beaten-track performer whose refreshingly simple, smart style never seems to be en vogue, but is always a pleasure to hear"
-- Colin Helms, CMJ New Music Report

If I could take one record to a desert island, this one might be it"
-- The Wrap-Up

"A splendid songwriter, Hicks pens satires with heart, and sendups that turn into romances. Poughkeepsie is loaded with hooks and punchlines, mirth and a melancholic streak as wide as John Prine's"
-- Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Hicks displays a penchant for musical experimentation and lyrical wit... Hicks incorporates samples into the mix with surprising resonance and subtlety... [he] also shines as a lyricist"
-- Chris Herrington, The Memphis Flyer